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Expositions recently

Hello! Let's talk about the three recent book fairs!

• At the 5 December, there will be an illustration book fair at Campus Fonderie de l'Image (80 rue Jules Ferry) in Bagnolet, Paris.

We will open a table with our friend Olesya Shchukina, friends in Paris can come and visit, Let's chat 🤩

• In addition, there was a cool Zine Fest in Antwerp, Belgium from the 26th to the 28th. You can also see our book there, anyone see our books please show us a photo!

• There was a Book Fair in Shenzhen on 26-28th of this month, called "Bonjour Fair". and the reading space planned by the restless bookstore, so many unique domestic independent comics can be browsed!


Recently we are busy with our short film project, and we just set up officially the Papayep Studio, stay in tune for this cute film!


-12月4-5日在巴黎的Bagnolet 的Campus Fonderie de l'Image(80 rue Jules Ferry)会有一个插画书展, 我们和朋友Olesya Shchukina一起开个台子,在巴黎的朋友可以来逛逛, 和我们聊聊天🤩

-另外26-28号在比利时的安特卫普有一个很酷的zinefest, 也可以看到我们的书~


最近我们在忙着Papayep Studio的短片项目,等准备好了给大家分享!

( And we have practiced our presentation at home. )

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